What Are Social Media Tools And How Do They Help With Facebook Management

Considering you stumbled onto this article, I can safety assume that you want to know what are social media tools and how you can use it to help your business (Though your mainly interested in Facebook management and Twitter management right?). Before I delve into the different types of social media tools, it’s important to define what social media is. First let’s break the word down and look at media. Media in this instance refers to communication channels that inform others of news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages. Social relates to or is designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure. That is, when people come together to interact, communicate and engage with one another to share opinions, information and ideas.Put these 2 together and it is easy to see with social media, you don’t simply provide information to people, but rather you interact and engage with your target audience.Think of normal media as a one way message, where you read a newspaper or watch a commercial on tv for example. You are given limited ability to actually communicate with the newspaper or commercial to give your thoughts, nor do you expect to be able to communicate with them instantly. Social media on the other hand is all about two way communication between the business and the audience, where you are encouraged to provide your opinions and it is easy for you to do so. It has evolved the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) into a Social Customer Relationship Management system (Social CRM) that focuses on engagement rather than interactions. Think about the last time you read an article online, chances are there was a section on the bottom of the article to leave a comment, and/or a social media button for you to share the article on Facebook and Twitter. Or maybe you’ve read a movie review online, and the website gave you the option to rate the movie and share your opinions. Several studies have shown the importance of word of mouth and the introduction of social media has taken word of mouth to the virtual world. If you are serious about growing your business, it’s imperative to monitor conversations involving your brand, competitors, industry and target audience. It is also important to remember that social media isn’t limited to business to user interaction; it is also about user to user interactions, offering a way for people to gather together and exchange thoughts, information and ideas amongst themselves. Regardless of whether your business decides to proactively engage in social media, chances are your target audience are already on social media channels discussing your business and products. This is why it is incredibly important to monitor and engage with your target audience to capitalize on positive comments (and convert interested people into customers or encourage existing users to re-purchase), as well as mitigate any negative public comments made about your brand! So make sure Facebook management and Twitter management are priorities in your social media strategy. I hope that helped answer the question: what are social media tools for you!