Are Men’s Stainless Steel Rings the Latest Trend in Wedding Bands?

Isn’t that a metal most often associated with a watch band or the latest kitchen appliances? Until recently, if you were looking for men’s stainless steel rings, it was safe to assume you wanted a casual ring. But that’s not the case with today’s young couples. Call them "recession-cautious" but these are some of the smartest, most value-oriented shoppers to be found anywhere. Maybe the wedding industry got too greedy for cash, but this generation of young couples is much savvier about comparing prices than their older relatives.Men’s stainless steel ringsGuys who have worn men’s stainless steel rings in the past are likely to appreciate the sturdy, zero-maintenance qualities of this industrial metal. Unlike some other "new metals," stainless steel can be polished to a bright white shine that never quits. It is strong enough to stand up to the daily activities of the most active men; even those who work with their hands. How is it then, that men’s stainless steel rings were never worn as wedding bands until now? It might be the fact that men were buying their rings at retail jewelry stores only, and not shopping at online retailers. Internet retailers have broadened the options for consumers in many product areas, but jewelry is certainly one of them. Now that it’s possible to shop for industrial and alternative metals online, couples are learning about metals like tungsten, cobalt, titanium, black seranite and Argentium silver. They are able to compare prices and see the difference between precious metals – which are on the rise – and the latest industrial metals. This helps them make more informed decisions, but where does this leave the traditional retail jeweler? If this trend continues as forecasted, it may leave them wondering what happened to their market share. For example, when shoppers land on niche web sites dedicated to men’s rings and men’s wedding rings, they find pages and pages of rings in every size, style and price range. Categories are just as likely to include "Men’s Stainless Steel Rings" and "Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands" as they are to include gold and platinum. Stainless steel is so affordable that it’s hard to find a ring that costs more than $30 on some of the best discount web stores. As for selection, these websites blow away traditional stores by offering more large size rings and better looking styles than any other source. They also sell the trendiest black stainless steel rings and two tone rings inlaid with carbon fiber or enamel.Men’s stainless steel rings may not have the same "whiteness" or shine as cobalt chrome or other Argentium silver, but some guys prefer the brushed or polished finish of stainless steel. If you want the robust look of stainless steel and a ring that won’t tarnish or discolor over time, men’s stainless stee l ringsare an affordable and long lasting option.